pydl.pydlspec2d.spec1d.readspec(platein, mjd=None, fiber=None, **kwargs)[source]

Read SDSS/BOSS spec2d & spec1d files.

plateinint or numpy.ndarray

Plate number(s).

mjdint or numpy.ndarray, optional

MJD numbers. If not provided, they will be calculated by latest_mjd().

fiberarray-like, optional

Fibers to read. If not set, all fibers from all plates will be returned.

topdirstr, optional

Override the value of BOSS_SPECTRO_REDUX.

run2dstr, optional

Override the value of RUN2D.

run1dstr, optional

Override the value of RUN1D.

pathstr, optional

Override all path information with this directory name.

alignbool, optional

If set, align all the spectra in wavelength.

znumint, optional

If set, return the znum-th best fit reshift fit, instead of the best.


A dictionary containing the data read.