pydl.pydlspec2d.spec1d.preprocess_spectra(flux, ivar, loglam=None, zfit=None, aesthetics='mean', newloglam=None, wavemin=None, wavemax=None, verbose=False)[source]

Handle the processing of input spectra through the combine1fiber() stage.


The input spectral flux.


The inverse variance of the spectral flux.

loglamarray-like, optional

The input wavelength solution.

zfitarray-like, optional

The redshift of each input spectrum.

aestheticsstr, optional

This parameter will be passed to combine1fiber().

newloglamarray-like, optional

The output wavelength solution.

waveminfloat, optional

Minimum wavelength if newloglam is not specified.

wavemaxfloat, optional

Maximum wavelength if newloglam is not specified.

verbosebool, optional

If True, print extra information.

tuple of numpy.ndarray

The resampled flux, inverse variance and wavelength solution, respectively.