pydl.pydlutils.yanny.write_ndarray_to_yanny(filename, datatables, structnames=None, enums=None, hdr=None, comments=None)[source]

Converts a NumPy record array into a new FTCL/yanny file.

Returns a new yanny object corresponding to the file.


The name of a parameter file.

datatablesnumpy.ndarray, numpy.recarray, list

A NumPy record array containing data that can be copied into a yanny object. A list containing arrays can also be passed.

structnamesstr or list of str, optional

The name(s) to give the structure(s) in the yanny file. Defaults to ‘MYSTRUCT0’.

enumsdict, optional

A dictionary containing enum information. See the documentation for the dtype_to_struct() method of the yanny object.

hdrdict, optional

A dictionary containing keyword/value pairs for the ‘header’ of the yanny file.

commentsstr or list of str, optional

A string containing comments that will be added to the start of the new file.


The yanny object resulting from writing the file.


If filename already exists, or if the metadata are incorrect.