pydl.pydlspec2d.spec1d.findspec(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Find SDSS/BOSS spectra that match a given RA, Dec.

ra, decarray-like, optional

If set, the first two positional arguments will be interpreted as RA, Dec.

bestbool, optional

If set, return only the best match for each input RA, Dec.

infilestr, optional

If set, read RA, Dec data from this file.

outfilestr, optional

If set, print match data to this file.

printbool, optional

If set, print the match data to the console.

run1dstr, optional

Override the value of RUN1D.

run2dstr, optional

Override the value of RUN2D.

sdssbool, optional

If set, search for SDSS-I/II spectra instead of BOSS spectra.

searchradfloat, optional

Search for spectra in this radius around given RA, Dec. Default is 3 arcsec.

topdirstr, optional

If set, override the value of SPECTRO_REDUX or BOSS_SPECTRO_REDUX.


A dictionary containing plate, MJD, fiber, etc.