pydl.photoop.window.window_read(flist=False, rescore=False, blist=False, bcaps=False, balkans=False, findx=False, bindx=False)[source]

Read window files in PHOTO_RESOLVE.

flistbool, optional

If True, read the window_flist.fits file.

rescorebool, optional

If flist is True, look for window_flist_rescore.fits, and run window_score() if it is not found.

blistbool, optional

If True, read the window_blist.fits file.

bcapsbool, optional

If True, read the window_bcaps.fits file.

balkansbool, optional

If True, construct the balkans from the window_blist.fits and window_bcaps.fits files.

findxbool, optional

If True, read the window_findx.fits file.

bindxbool, optional

If True, read the window_bindx.fits file.


A dictionary containing the requested window data.


If balkans is True, the balkans data will be in the form of a FITS_polygon object, to facilitate interoperability with pydl.pydlutils.mangle. In this object, the keyword IFIELD is equivalent to IPRIMARY and PIXEL is eqivalent to IBINDX.