pydl.pydlutils.mangle.set_use_caps(polygon, index_list, add=False, tol=1e-10, allow_doubles=False, allow_neg_doubles=False)[source]

Set the bits in use_caps for a polygon.


A polygon object.


A list of indices of caps to set in the polygon. Should be no longer, nor contain indices greater than the number of caps (polygon.ncaps).

addbool, optional

If True, don’t initialize the use_caps value to zero, use the existing value associated with polygon instead.

tolfloat, optional

Tolerance used to determine whether two caps are identical.

allow_doublesbool, optional

Normally, this routine automatically sets use_caps such that no two caps with use_caps set are identical.

allow_neg_doublesbool, optional

Normally, two caps that are identical except for the sign of cm would be set unused. This inhibits that behaviour.


Value of use_caps.