Source code for pydl.file_lines

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

[docs]def file_lines(path, compress=False): """Replicates the IDL ``FILE_LINES()`` function. Given a path to a file name or a list of such paths, returns the number of lines in the file(s). Parameters ---------- path : :class:`str` or :class:`list` of :class:`str` Path to a file. Can be a list of paths. compress : :class:`bool`, optional If set to ``True``, assumes that all files in `path` are GZIP compressed. Returns ------- :class:`int` or :class:`list` of :class:`int` The number of lines in `path`. Returns a list of lengths if a list of files is supplied. Notes ----- The ``/NOEXPAND_PATH`` option in IDL's ``FILE_LINES()`` is not implemented. References ---------- Examples -------- >>> from pydl import file_lines >>> from os.path import dirname, join >>> file_lines(join(dirname(__file__),'tests','t','this-file-contains-42-lines.txt')) 42 """ scalar = False if isinstance(path, (str,)): working_path = [path] scalar = True else: working_path = path lines = list() for filename in working_path: if compress: # # gzip in Python 2.6 can't use a context manager. # import gzip f = lines.append(len(f.readlines())) f.close() else: with open(filename) as f: lines.append(len(f.readlines())) if scalar: return lines[0] else: return lines