This is the documentation for PyDL.

Base API

pydl Package

Python replacements for functions that are part of the IDL built-in library, or part of astronomical IDL libraries. The emphasis is on reproducing results of the astronomical library functions. Only the bare minimum of IDL built-in functions are implemented to support this.


file_lines(path[, compress]) Replicates the IDL FILE_LINES() function.
median(array[, width, axis, even]) Replicate the IDL MEDIAN() function.
rebin(x, d[, sample]) Resize x to new dimensions given by d.
smooth(signal, owidth[, edge_truncate]) Replicates the IDL SMOOTH() function.
uniq(x[, index]) Replicates the IDL UNIQ() function.


pcomp(x[, standardize, covariance]) Replicates the IDL PCOMP() function.
PydlException Base class for exceptions raised in PyDL functions.